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What flowers open at 3:00?

"Carl Linnaeus, the eighteenth-century botanist, even invented a floral clock. Noting that petals open and close at the same time each day (because they're synchronized to how much light they receive), he arranged flowers in sequence, using the movement of petals to tell time." --Diane Ackerman.

Does anyone know of any books that can tell me what time of day certain flowers open and/or close?

Does anyone know of any flowers that open at 3:00 in the afternoon? This need not be exactly to the minute!

Thanks in advance.

What flowers open at 3:00?
Linnaeus did actually work out a clock based upon flowers to tell time, he used flowers with fixed opening times that are independent of the weather. He called these aequinoctales rather than meteorici because they respond meteorological conditions.

"Horologium florae"

The scarlet pimpernel opens its flower at 8:00 AM and closes it at 2:00 PM.

The dandelion opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 5:00 PM. The morning glory opens at 10:00 and closes at dusk.

The water lily opens at noon and closes at 2:00 PM.

Hawkbit, a dandelion look-a-like, closes at 3PM

Goatsbeard opens at noon and closes at 6:00 pm.

California poppy opens at 1:00 PM and closes at dusk. Chicory opens at 2:00 PM and closes at 5:00 PM with white waterlilies.

Four-o'clock opens at 4:00 PM

Evening primrose %26amp; moonflowers opens at 6:00 PM.

Plant list
Reply:Four O' Clocks open in late afternoon and remain open during the evening.

Where do i stand when it comes to my nosy neighbour and my fence?

iv fallen out with the nosiest neighbour youve ever known, and last year we agreed to go halfs on removing the hedges from our gardens and have a fence, they were all up for it they even rang the guy and arranged the date etc, I payed up front for the whole fence which was £300 and not had a penny off them. Now i want to remove the fence panels to paint then only they have stapled flowers to it on the other side %26amp; have said they would get me done for criminal damage to there property,Its my bloody fence. Does anyone no my rights and what action i should take

Where do i stand when it comes to my nosy neighbour and my fence?
Since they never paid you for half of the fence.. yes it is yours. Just inform them that you are going to paint and that they should remove their flowers. Let them know when you plan on doing it and if they haven't done it by then.. oh well, they were informed. It's awful to have bad neighbors, but when its your property.. you are in the right.
Reply:As far as I know it depends which side the posts lie.

If the posts are on your side then the fence is designed to keep them out, hence it's yours. If they lie on his side, well it's his.

If you have posts on both sides or alternating, it's shared.

What to do, wait til night time and knock them all down, throw some newspapers around the garden, knock down some other random things and then blame it on high winds during the night.

Then put in a 50ft hedge.

That'll work!
Reply:you are legally responsible to replace the left side of your fence if its the left side you replaced it is there property the only thing you could do is put another fence beside it on your land
Reply:Go to mediation with your neighbor!

It is important to open the lines of communication again. You may get everything you want, or at least figure out why they are being so odd. Maybe if you promise to put the flowers back on they won't have any complaints.

Good Luck.
Reply:report them to your local council and start a diary of when they are abusing your rights
Reply:about ten foot hight with loaded water balloons!
Reply:Check your deeds (if you dont have them, the mortgage co will).

This will tell you for sure who is RESPONSIBLE for the fence.

Send a RECORDED DELIVERY letter informing them of your intentions and observations, giving them a timeframe.

At the same time, tell them to desist from securing plants etc to your property.

By the way, I found that that 'Spray Cuprinol' gives a great finish.
Reply:I think if the supporting posts are your side, It's your fence, and you have a legal right to maintain your fence on both sides, but you have to ask for permission to enter their property to do the maintaining, so I assume that you would have to go their side to remove the fence panels? after giving them fair warning, to remove any plants stapled to your fence, but check with a solicitor, they will give you free advice, if you ask for free advice!

If you had only a verbal agreement for shared costs, I'm sorry I think you have lost your money! but good luck.
Reply:Wait a Minute

Did he have the right to paint on your fence

If not SUE HIM...!
Reply:Suggest that they stop tresspassing on your fence with their stapled flowers and also make good on the damage caused, or maybe they can be done for vandalism!
Reply:Paint it without removing the panels and make sure it drips through to the other side and marks it making it look unattractive.
Reply:It all depends upon who owns the fence not on who paid for it.First check with the local council re tenants behaviour/legal situation, councils have a responsibility for tenants.If the fence is yours (you can check this on your house deeds) ask them to remove their plants by ???? a date because you are going to remove the fence panels for painting/maintenance.Would suggest you inform them in writing as well as verbally.Ask citizens advice for any information they might have on the matter.Afraid you can say goodbye to your £150 though.Hope this helps.Good luck.
Reply:I would have thought, that if you had paid for the fence in the first place, then as it is your property, you have the right to take it down to do any repairs needed, if your neighbours have stapled flowers to it the it is they who are committing criminal damage if any, best to go to a citizen advice centre, it is normally free to ask for advice, good luck

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How to show her she's special to me?

I have a very dear friend who lives overseas, so it's difficult to show her what she means to me.

I've actually had notions of her as a girlfriend in the past... and although she is very fond of me, she's made it clear that the 'boyfriend/girlfriend' thing isn't ever going to happen.

Up to date, I've written letters to her, sent her greeting cards, have arranged flowers for birthdays and for no reason at all and have made many long-distance phone calls, all of which have been well-received but I'm looking for some ideas of other things that I can do to *show* her that she is special to me (even 'just' as a dear, close friend) - it's the old 'actions speak louder than words' thing - but my imagination has deserted me(!)

One of the difficulties is that she is not very romantic and is not sentimental at all, which is completely opposite to me, so things that I would consider 'meaningful' have almost no significance to her.

I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have.

How to show her she's special to me?
Well, since she has expressed there won't be a girlfriend/boyfriend thing ever happening I would just continue as you are. She obviously considers you a dear friend since you chat to each other etc - going overboard with the gifts etc may scare her off you.
Reply:fly to visit her

How often does your GUY bring you flowers?

Does he ever bring flowers already arranged in a vase?

How often does your GUY bring you flowers?
I need to bring my gf flowers more....... Actually we have a farmers market today, so i'm gonna actually buy her some with that great idea of yours.

Do you know how happy you just made her??!! THANKS!!!
Reply:My man has never given me flowers. :(
Reply:One of the first things discussed when we got married was that I want him to NEVER bring me flowers. He did a couple times when we were dating and that came to an end when I told WHY I don't want flowers.

They simply die and the money spent on them was not worth their pleasure. I prefer he add more money to an investment account or give me something I can use such a some kitchen appliance that will be used daily. I know some women who would smack their man if they bought them an appliance of some sort but I want things that are practical and worth their money being spent OR I want things that will make themselves more money like investments.

: )
Reply:My ex had flowers delivered to me twice..... I got the bill the next day.... lol How romantic lol........

Now my new husband has either had them delivered or brought them to me im guessing 30-50 times in the past year......

And never wants anything in return, just hands them to me and tells me im a great mom, or im pretty, or his queen....... Id be happy with once a year though.....
Reply:Sometimes on special occasions, you know, my birthday....etc.

If your guy doesn't then maybe tell him how much you love flowers.

He'll probably catch on.
Reply:I ask my husband to not buy me flowers. They only die and the money is gone. There are other ways to show me that he loves me that will last forever and will mean more than giving me flowers that will die.
Reply:If you give him hints that you like flowers....than he should give you flowers once in a while.....whenever he feels close to you and happy...or for special ocasions...My bf...just came home one day from grocery...holding a pot with flowers...It sure made my day !

Are you donating flowers (bouquets, centerpieces, etc) to a local nursing home after the wedding?

If so, how did you go about arranging that? Did your day-of-coordinator take care of it?

Are you donating flowers (bouquets, centerpieces, etc) to a local nursing home after the wedding?
Oh my.....I would have NEVER thought of doing that! After my daughter's wedding, we had so many bouquets and flowers and they just ended up on my table until they died! Wow...that is a good suggestion for others getting married.

Yes, you could possibly ask your day-of-coordinator to help you with this. Or, a family member.

Great idea!
Reply:oh wow i never heard of that that's a great idea!! i'm going to do that for my wedding, contact a nursing home, and ask for the event coordinator. They usually take care of those things. I donated games to the nursing home and the event coordinator was the one that arranged everything
Reply:all four of our children did donate their flowers to both the nursing home and the hospice. they were all so pleased and grateful to be thought of! we also sent along the food that had not been touched to the gospel mission down the road which they put to good use.
Reply:Call around...most nursing homes will actually come pick up your flowers after the ceremony!
Reply:Residents always asked "Who died " when the flowers were donated.
Reply:What a beautiful idea!
Reply:No. In my family the flowers are always taken to the graves of those we have loved and lost.
Reply:Excellent idea! We hadn't thought of that, but I'm going to run it by the g/f, and I'm pretty sure she'll agree. Thanks!

Reply:we did that after my dads funeral and we just called and offer them.

Home delivered orchid stems?

I'm just wondering if anyone out there has had any success with having orchid stems delivered to your house and could recommend someone.

I'm in the UK and want them for my wedding bouquet (for someone to then arrange them) but I am worried about the reliability of them because I don't want to be doing a last minute run to Tesco's for some flowers the day before my wedding!

Home delivered orchid stems?
You can have any flowers you wish delivered to to your house. It would be best that they be delivered the day before the wedding in order that the someone could have time to make the bouquet. They need to be put in the fridge or a very cool place in order that the blooms do not spoil overnight.

Harrods: Tel: 020 7730 1234 ask for floristry extension.


Are there any websites to help me plan a new garden? (floral)?

I'm starting a garden for the first time at my new home and need some ideas as to what to plant (I want flowers only) and how to arrange them. Any help?

Are there any websites to help me plan a new garden? (floral)?

"Gardens for Beginners"
Reply:yes and you can also call this number as well they helped me with citrus trees 800 938 7877
Reply:Try HGTV, DIY, websites. Burgess Seed has graden plans also. Search on the internet for garden plans and there are dozens of sites. Search for specific types of gardens such as secret graden, oriental gardens, water gardens, scent gardens on and on. There are sooooo many types of gardens.